Graded still of Big Brother 2016 winner Mr Jason Burill on set and looking cool.

The delightful Marcia Do Vales knocked us all out on set playing the unfortunate abducted girl.

Screenshot of mark Bannerman, Sean Cronin and Grant Huggair in the opening scenes of TDROT.

Ungraded still of Mark Bannerman reading The Dark Return Of Time just before everything turns ugly for him.

Phone pic, Even the producer Ian Reed wants a slice of the action with Jason Burill and Nyesha Jayne Ferrag.

Screenshot of Grant Huggair taking no prisoners.

The sublime Gia Skova ready to rock it as our Phsychiatrist

Ungraded screenshot, The gorgeous Pascal Craymer plays Interpol Agent Saunders in TDROT.

Phone pic, some of the coolest folks you could ever work with in Paris for the recording of TDROT Title track.

Adam Vadel, Trey Hardson, Aron French, Keaton Simons, Olivia Lawson, Janice Win Biehl. 

What a good looking bunch they are.

Graded still of Sean Cronin and mark Bannerman on The Dark Return Of Time.

Ungraded screenshot, the stunning Serina Taylor plays Lorraine Bennett.

Phone pic setting up the next shot.

Phone pic of our bad-un`s ready for action.