It is no small wonder that Hollywood has immediately embraced this new digital cinema camera (released 2011). Peter Jackson took 40 Epics to film The Hobbit. Other features shot on Epic included The Great Gatsby, Ridley Scott`s Prometheus, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, AB Negative, and a whole host of top films now added to the list who used the best camera on the planet.

Camera Format ...

The Red Epic digital cinema camera has the most advanced sensor on the planet! The camera can produce 5k resolution images compared to the normal HD 1080p images. This extra information enables the camera to create stunning quality images and it can do it in a form factor which is half the size of its nearest competitor.

(Please Note: These films are for illustration purposes only and we have not been involved with their production in any way).

Visual Style ...

Red Epic has been our camera of choice on a number of our recent films.

The Red Epic Digital Camera

The movie will have a highly cinematic look, sound and feel to it! with years of experience from the creative team, the film will be glossy and beautifully shot with extremely high production values.

The film will be shot in cinema widescreen format 2:4:1 which is more cinematic than the standard 16:9 HD format. The highly polished look will make the film appear far more expensive than the micro budget suggests. This will make the film more appealing to sales agents and could potentially attract higher offers for the film one shot.