Prepare for the journey of a lifetime where only those who dare to believe will survive.

Will you join us?

This is billed to be our most ambitious and visually stunning project to date.

The first of three movies based on the published novel by Amazon five star rated author (and co producer) Janice Win Biehl and some of the most talented cast and crew in the industry we know this is one you won`t want to miss.

We plan to shoot on location in the US, UK and Honk Kong offering some of the most stunning places to best give the film every chance of success in the marketplace.

Please enjoy our visuals here  as they say a picture paints a thousand words and of course visit the link above where you can purchase youir very own copy of Stranger in the Worlde - M2M from Amazon and your local high class bookstore.

Stranger in the Worlde - M2M ...... Location(s)

She’s odd, she’s charismatic, she carries secrets many would kill to get. You want to go on the journey with her, a journey into future Worldes, a journey on the edge of chaos, a journey where the thoughts you think of become the things of reality. Mind to Matter. Stranger In The Worlde. A story of hope. A young teen carries a secret so powerful that leaders of worldes will stop at nothing to get it. Her quest becomes not only to survive but to unleash the secret’s hidden powers. This ignites a spell binding journey of faith, courage and love which will decide not only her survival but the survival of all the worldes.