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Stranger in the Worlde

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According to a recent publication report a new world box office yearly record was set with over $10 Billion ( yes that's right $10 Billion) being taken in 2012 alone. The report states 3 separate movies earned over $1 Billion and 58 movies hit the $100 Million mark at the world wide box offices.

Now if you`ve never invested in movies before then the above may well get your juices flowing or at the very least pique your interest a little? well please read on.

The report also states 007 movies staring Daniel Craig have been the most successful of the Bond franchise to date. SKYFALL the latest film, became the highest-grossing movie in UK box office history after just 40 days. The 23rd Bond adventure earned over $1 Billion worldwide in 2012 and became the 14th movie to do so. Until AVATAR in 2009, only 5 movies had ever achieved $1 Billion. Now, a further 8 movies have done it in the last few years, proving the appetite for moviegoers has never been greater.

The Same report shows figures from the U.S. Have also been impressive through 2012 onwards. `The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' had broken the all-time US box office record for any December, Ever!. It`s opening weekend hauled in $84.8 Million which is a truly stunning feat for just 3 days on screen.

It`s not just cinema numbers worth mentioning. Sony Pictures in the same year the report was compiled has reached $4 Billion worldwide which was a new record for the company and Lionsgate has also crossed the $1 Billion mark in international grosses for the first time in their history.

However, it is the growth of the British independent film industry that interests us the most, 75% of released British Independent movies cost less than £500, 000 to produce.




 Total Revenues from feature films, Video, TV, Theatrical: £3.1 Billion. Made up of 24% Theatrical (cinema), 29% TV and 47% Video (DVD)

Please note these figures shown above have been compiled by a reputable internatiolnly recognized film sales and distribution agent are based on estimated minimum guarantees to be paid by film distribution companies for the rights to distribute the film theatrically, on DVD and other ancillary means such as video on demand, airlines and television. These estimates do not include potential and additional earnings from royalty deals or any bonus payments following successful releases.

The producers fully expect Stranger in the Worlde - M2M to far exceed these cautious minimum guarantees as shown above.

These figures are based on the assumption the producers make the movie to the high standard they are expecting and should not be used to aid any investment decision.




The Kings Speech and The Inbetweeners grossed nearly £100 Million between them, from the UK box office alone. Both low budget and independent. Now that has to get you thinking a little.

But please remember a box office hit can provide some lucrative returns on investment, investors should not be overly concerned with cinema releases alone to achieve profit. The home video entertainment numbers are by far the most important component toward recovering the initial investment and generating profits. Below is the latest information sourced from the British Video Association (BVA) and supplied by Oxford Economics.

Within the UK AV industry as a whole, home entertainment is no longer a support act but has moved to centre stage. Note AV refers to cinema, DBVD video and TV.

Data from the BVA 2011 yearbook indicates that consumer spending on AV entertainment was £2.6 Billion just back in 2010. Taking a wider perspective of the leisure market as a whole, the £2.6 Billion spent on home entertainment in 2010 far exceeds expenditure on cinema, music and electronic games.