1st Quarter 2018: Pre-production

2nd Quarter 2017: Principle Photography/ Shoot 21 days (3 weeks)

2nd & 3rd Quarter 2018: Post-Production

4th Quarter 2018: Delivery to sales Agent; market premiere & sales start


The final stages in the production of a film, occurring once the action has been filmed. Post-production is a lengthy process, typically involving editing and the addition of the sound design and movie soundtracks as well as visual special effects. A teaser trailer will also be made during this time.

Current Status & Schedule...

Principle Photography

This period of time is when the cameras are rolling and the bulk of a script is shot, including all the dialogue scenes with actors.

Pretty sound advice here!  a whistlestop tour of the filmmaking process from pre right through to post production, distribution and sales.

Sales Phase

The period when the completed film, including promotional trailer, has been handed over to sales agents to begin to market and sell the film. Sales agents are responsible for negotiation of the business terms and distribution deals.

Definitions & Phases of Production...

Stranger in the Worlde - M2M Film has a set target of the first quarter of 2017 to begin Pre Production and principle photography 3rd to 4th quater 2017. We are very pleased to announce we have a number of high profile and internationally recognized cast already confirmed and we are now actively involved in both raising the film finance and crew for the project.

The proposed timeline is as follows:

Pre - Production

The first stages of film production. Typical pre-production tasks include location sourcing, storyboarding, auditioning for cast, planning technical equipment requirements, prop design, raising finance and many more.