And....There`s still room for more so please watch this space.

The Musical Aspect...

I`m sure you`ll agree with the stellar cast and musical lineup we have with both the amazing Sharon Farber and the unbelievably talented Olivia Lawson we have a truly remarkable and commercially viable project in the offering.

Andrew Kristie Composer.

"Our intention is to create a truly outstanding soundtrack to fully compliment the film, something that will be enjoyed and remembered for generations to come".

Our music score lineup is not to be missed! ... We`ll create a truly awesome score and accompanying Album soundtrack for the film.

The producers already have a number of quality trcks recorded for the film including Platinum awarded Sandi Thom singing 'Stranger'. Japanese megastar Josie Ho and we`re in talks with the wonderful Lorraine Crosby the amazing famale voice on Meatloaf`s 'I will do anything for love' quite possibly one of the greatest singles of our time.

The Producer also has a number of prominent artists in mind to contribute original and exclusive material and video`s for the film, this will of course offer the film even greater commercial value to an already world class project, and of hopefully help bring a great return on investment for our Shareholders.