We are delighted to have some of Hollywood`s most renowned actors attached to The Dark Return Of Time who always attract a huge fan base (with the pics to the right it`s not surprising ) we`ll be looking to obtain film reviews, publicity appearances and photo shoot opportunities as well as TV and Radio interviews and we hope to really go viral with this project.

We also have the potential to attract a mobile phone brand.

And a Limousine Hire Company .... Hopefully!

Alcoholic & Soft Drinks, munchies as well as fast food from local takeaways



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The Dark Return Of Time film, has the potential to attract significant brand sponsorship in a number of areas. During the busy pre production stages of development we will look at attracting product placement sponsorship with a number of high profile and high street brands, as well as local independent businesses, from major drinks companies, limousine hire, night club, music and eating establishments, local pubs, mobile phone manufacturers, breweries etc.

Brand Sponsors...

Hotels, B&B`s and other accomadation providers will be approached as well as local airport and airlines.

Local Car Dealers and taxi companies could play a major part in our sponsorship program.