Above left is a stunning old Parisian Cafe that could be used and a millionaires mansion house befitting our main protagonist Reginald Hopper.

Paris, known as the city of lovers and has been the setting of many fantastic films over the years, it`s easy to understand why. the city is full of grand palace`s, magnificent old buildings, hotels, art galleries, parks, world famous attractions and architectural delights of many kinds.  It has been the favorite city for film shoot locations for generations and offers opportunities not found anywhere else .

Paris will provide the main setting for THE DARK RETURN OF TIME and the producer(s) fully expect this film to be extremely well received in the world wide movie distribution market. It is also a possibility to shoot in alternative locations close to the city of Paris and in particular the Notre Dame district which offers an array of stunning locations that will guarantee to bring pure joy and amazement to audiences worldwide.

The Dark Return  Of Time ...... Location(s)

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Once the the film is completed and ready for sales and distribution the producer(s) will look to enter the film into the Paris Film Festival as well as others, they will also look to arrange a number of private Industry screenings within Paris for the film during the Summer/Fall 2016 which will offer a wonderful experience for our cast, crew,  investors and supporters.

A Typical shot that will be created in one of our film scenes will be a stunning old antique bookshop that will appear throughout the film.

The Dark Return Of Time cries out to

show the very best Paris has to offer and

the Notre Dame district is simply

breathtaking! with it`s bookshop`s, cafe`s, amazing architecture and people we are

you will agree this place is ideal to supply

all of our needs and is place high on our

list of preferred filming locations for

the movie.

The Dark Return Of Time will be filmed

almost entirely on location in both London

and Paris.