The Fundraising Campaign

The Offer and Expected Recoup

Ordinary B Shareholders will be the first to recoup their investment after all production costs have been met. We aim to maximise the revenues of the film by exploiting the immensely lucrative distribution outlets from Cinema, Video on Demand, DVD and the massively popular Internet sales. Firstly we will look to meet all production and distribution costs which include but are not limited to, distributors shares, residuals, agent commission and expenses, cast and crew and collection agency fees. After this Ordinary B Shareholders will receive their reccoupment up to the value of their initial investment and shares held under subscription.

After all these costs have been met and we have fully exploited of all the film revenue streams we expect the production to be in profit and one all Ordinary B Shareholders have received their initial investment in full, then Ordinary B Shareholders will receive a pro-rata share of 50% of all net profits generated from film exploitation and sales (Subject to the share Subscription being fully funded to the total production costs of the film.

Company accounts will be audited and verified in keeping within the UK Company registration and operating guidelines. Please also note that although we the Directors of the Company will try to ensure we deliver the film on time and within budget, we would also point out that there is no guarantee that revenues received by the Company will be enough to recoup all amounts held under Ordinary B Share Subscriptions. 

The Reccoupement Procedure

The Directors of `The Dark Return Of Time' movie anticipate a complete production budget requirement of £250,000 will be needed for the film, the Directors also reserve the right to increase this to £500,000 should they deem it right and appropriate and in the best interests of the investors and production to do so. If needed we will source additional funding in order to attract a higher cast profile which in turn would ensure the film holds a higher commercial value and  to secure further international distribution contracts.

We the Directors hope to raise the required funding through offering shares in the company `The Dark Return Of Time Film Ltd' at a nominal rate of £1 per Ordinary B share and with a maximum permissible subscription of 500,000 individual shares. The Company has an opening value of £1,000. Applications are invited from both corporate and individual clients with a minimum investment amount of 1,500 Ordinary B shares.

If the expected share Subscription does not meet the total initial production budget and film costs then we the Directors will possibly have to raise the additional funding by increasing the allocated Ordinary B share offering. We will establish the best course of action and seek appropriate advice before undertaking this and of course will keep all Ordinary B Shareholders fully updated of our decision and intentions.