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Ian D Reed

When I was first introduced the the published novel THE DARK RETURN OF TIME in Spring 2014 I knew it was destined for the big screen and we had to bring this project together.

With the stunning Parisian background, amazing cast and crew so far attached ( and proposed) I am fully confident principle photography will commence in late summer 2015 at the very earliest.

It is my intention to shoot this film and distribute it as a Theatrical release (Selected worldwide cinema`s first) in order to gain maximum exposure of the film and accompanying soundtrack. To this end it is essential we attract the correct internationally recognised acting talent on to the project.

As a producer I must say how excited I really am about this project and I truly believe we will produce a wonderful film that will thrill the theater going public for years to come and stand the test of time.

Please join us as investors (Co-Exec Producers) as we journey together in making this film a reality in 2015. Together we can make this dream come true.

Every Blessing.

Ian D Reed

Producers Note